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The Musical Birthday Card

1 серия

It’s Daddy’s birthday and the kittens want to give him a musical birthday card just like he’s always wanted.

Movie Makers

2 серия

The kittens want to make a movie and get their friends and family involved in the fun once they’ve worked out that they all need to take separate roles in order to actually work together.

A Pic Nic

3 серия

When their pic nic is left behind on a trip to the countryside the kittens learn that they can forage for a scrumptious lunch of berries and mushrooms just from the woodland around them – with the help of a handy field guide to what’s safe to eat.

Scare E Cats

4 серия

It’s Fright Night in the kittens town and they are trying really hard to scare themselves. When that doesn’t work Mum and Dad step in to help give the kittens and their little friends a scare- e- night and tonnes of fun and a delicious scarey cake too.