Cartoons KID-E-CATS

The Musical Birthday Card

1 episode

It’s Daddy’s birthday and the kittens want to give him a musical birthday card just like he’s always wanted.

Movie Makers

2 episode

The kittens want to make a movie and get their friends and family involved in the fun once they’ve worked out that they all need to take separate roles in order to actually work together.

A Pic Nic

3 episode

When their pic nic is left behind on a trip to the countryside the kittens learn that they can forage for a scrumptious lunch of berries and mushrooms just from the woodland around them – with the help of a handy field guide to what’s safe to eat.

Scare E Cats

4 episode

It’s Fright Night in the kittens town and they are trying really hard to scare themselves. When that doesn’t work Mum and Dad step in to help give the kittens and their little friends a scare- e- night and tonnes of fun and a delicious scarey cake too.


Do you remember how Daddy Cat and Smudge's Dad built a tree house?
It was very fun, and the tree house was large and beautiful. But someone has cut out the pieces from this picture! Try to match the missing pieces.

Once the Kittens went diving with Grandpa.
Cookie found lots of interesting things - coins, beautiful corals and seaweeds.
Help Cookie to solve this puzzle.

Everybody knows that Pudding loves sweets! Only now he’s confused. Which path leads to his favorite cake? Number One? Or Number Four? Ow! Help Pudding get to his cake, and hurry: he can’t wait, and sweets may perish if not refrigerated.




KID-E-CATS the series has been a ratings success from its premiere in October 2015 on CTC channel, where it quickly became the top show in the kids’ block, and also on leading children’s channel Carousel, where it launched in autumn 2016 and quickly became the best performing pre-school show in 2018. The Russian-language YouTube channel has gathered 1.5 million subscribers, totalling 1.8 billion views to date. The everyday adventures of Cookie, Pudding and Candy have not only won the hearts of children, but also the recognition of the industry: the show was last year’s Best Children’s Program at the prestigious TEFI Awards.

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From preschool hit series on Russian CTC and Carousel and on Nick Jr on more than 150 countries, the Kid-E-Cats brand is successfully pursuing its global expansion. Conceived from the start as a full-scale property, Kid-E-Cats licensed products have already entered all major retail chains, toy stores and online stores in its home country, Russia, where customers can find over 500 SKU of different products: colouring books, storybooks, plush, stationery, puzzles, creative activity kits, board games, children’s apparel and bed linen, cereals and confectionery products.

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Director Dmitry Vysotsky
Production Designer Andrey Sikorski
Country Russian Federation
Educational TV-series for kids
Three little kittens live in a little town. Cookie, Pudding and their little sister Candy, as any kids, like to play and investigate the world around them. Every day their inquisitive mind leads those three to new adventures. With wise advice of their caring parents, kids solve all the puzzles and everything always ends well.
Together with their kittens’ friends Cupcakes, Chase, Boris and others, they have fun and interesting time.
Season 1 52 episodes x 5 min since 2015
Season 2 52 episodes x 5 min since 2017
Season 3 52 episodes x 5 min since 2018

On air

170 countries 36 languages
about us
KID-E-CATS is an animated TV-series created by Studio Metrafilms, commissioned by CTC Media.
CTC Media manages four television channels in Russia (CTC, Domashny, Che and CTC Love) as well as an international version of Peretz channel and Channel 31 in Kazakhstan. CTC Media also owns several digital entertainment media assets including,,,, and Caramba TV.
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