KID-E-CATS 1 season episod Treasure


The kittens go to visit their grandma in the countryside and hope for a fun day of playing. But Grandma is so worried about her dear grandchildren’s safety she says ‘no’ to everything they want to do. It’s only when she joins the kittens on a little treasure hunt that she finds her inner kitten again and remembers all the fun she had when she was little.

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Kittens in a Jam

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Mum needs some jam for tea and all her preserves and pickles are stored in the basement. The kittens volunteer to help and when they find that the jam is in a giant jar too heavy to carry they have to work out a clever way to get the jam to Mum in time for tea.

Scare E Cats

4 Episode

It’s Fright Night in the kittens town and they are trying really hard to scare themselves. When that doesn’t work Mum and Dad step in to help give the kittens and their little friends a scare- e- night and tonnes of fun and a delicious scarey cake too.