KID-E-CATS Pictures

Guess whose?

All kittens are keen on sweets, but these cakes definitely remind of someone.
Whom do you think each of the cakes belongs to?
One day the kittens went to the country to visit their Granny.
They were about to water the seedbeds, as they saw a lot of unnecessary items scattered throughout the garden!
Dou you see all those items?
Have a look, this is a bedroom of a real princess!
Bed with a crown, pink walls, beautiful flowers.
Can you guess whose room this is?


Look at all the cakes! It’s because the Dad is preparing for a cooking contest so he made many cakes for this occasion.
And count how many of each kind are shown.
One evening Daddy brought a lot of different delicacies from his work. He asked Pudding to share in common the sweets between all the kittens — but firstly gave him a riddle!
Help Pudding to solve the puzzle — how much will it be in the end?
Once the Kittens went diving with Grandpa.
Cookie found lots of interesting things- coins, beautiful corals and seaweeds.
Help Cookie to solve this puzzle.


Everything seems mixed up here. The puzzle is out of order. Help put everything in place and find correct order for pictures so that it’s clear which episode they show.
Do you remember how Daddy Cat and Smudge's Dad built a tree house?
It was very fun, and the tree house was large and beautiful. But someone has cut out the pieces from this picture! Try to match the missing pieces.
Has anyone already watched the episode «Rock-Paper-Scissors»?
The kittens loved playing the game so much that they made a mess of the house.
And not only the house: pictures are also all confused!


In the middle of an ice-show
Little Kitty lost her shadow.
You can help her now to pick
Her silhouette, but please be quick.
Which is Candy’s outline?
Answer now, and she’ll be fine.
Cookie and Pudding were playing in their room and all their toys ended up thrown around.
It’s hard to find anything in this mess, especially a toy, whose shadow disappeared.
Try to find the toy with missing shadow.
Cupcake was in front of a mirror, posing in her shiny new tiara.
Suddenly, her reflections got all mixed up!
Help Cupcake find her right tiara in the mirror.


Everybody knows that Pudding loves sweets! Only now he’s confused. Which path leads to his favorite cake? Number One? Or Number Four? Ow! Help Pudding get to his cake, and hurry: he can’t wait, and sweets may perish if not refrigerated.
A strong wind came up suddenly, and now the kittens may land wherever the wind takes them, even on the top of the Egyptian pyramid!
Can you see where the wind will bring the kittens?
Once, the kittens decide to play soccer. Cookie took the ball and decided to pass it on! The ball is spinning so much that it’s hard to tell who will get it!

Find differences

One day, the kittens went to taste cakes in neighboring pastry tents.
And of course, they met Mustard there - she loves sweets very much!
Try to find all the differences.
Did you know that Kitten Mom works as a clothes designer? See how beautiful her office is! Try to find all the differences, how many have you found?
It seems like they are two identical pictures. But it's not that simple!
These pictures have differences — try to find them all!
What differences have you found?